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15.04.2007 New Gallery: Ken Ard - The American Songbook revisited

15.02.2007 New gallery: Sascha Ley - travelling light

10.11.2006 New gallery: Shlomit sings in Hebrew

22.10.2006 New gallery: Birelli LagrŔne at the Inoui

19.2.2006 New gallery: Philip Catherine and Nathalie Loriers at the Inoui

12.2.2006 New gallery: Lynne Kieran┤s Black Rose 4tet at the Inoui

10.02.2006 New link: Hans van Oosterhout

10.2.2006 New gallery: Jackie Ryan at the Inoui

8.1.2006 New gallery: Shlomit In the mood for love - live at the Inoui

3.12.2005 New gallery: Amina Figarova - Dimitry Metheny at the Inoui

3.12.2005 New link: www.jazzpodium.nl

14.10.2005 New gallery: Bossa Electrica at L┤Inoui

01.10.2005 New gallery: Florian Poser┤s Brazilian experience L┤Inoui

11.09.2005 New gallery: Fabrice Alleman Quartet at L┤Inoui

17.8.2005 Podium arts: www.miwian.nl/podium.php

11-15.8.2005 Live report: Jazz Middelheim 2005

30.7.2005 New link: Georg Aigner, Suivez mon regard

21.05.2005 New gallery: Freek de Jonghe

17.12.2004 New gallery: Cholet/Kńnzig/Papaux feat. Charlie Mariano

17.12.2004 New link: Jazzmasters, also new site of Jos L. Knaepen

4.5.2003 New link: A Passion for Jazz

4.5.2003 New Inoui gallery: Nathalie Loriers + Extensions

14.01.2003 In memoriam: Mal Waldron

8.12.2002 New photos added: Amina Figarova & Dmitri Matheny

20.11.2002 Amina Figarova & Dmitri Matheny at L'Inou´

3.11.2002 New link: Jazz Magazine

28.10.2002 New link: Jazzzeitung

27.10.2002 New links: Lew Tabackin, Marius Beets

27.10.2002 New L'Inou´ gallery: Lew Tabackin Trio

08.09.2002 New link: Centraljazz

19.08.2002 New gallery: Jazz Brugge 2002

23.07.2002 New link: Jerryjazz

23.07.2002 New link: Deborah Brown site

21.07.2002 New spotlight gallery Deborah Brown

26.05.2002 Extra large gallery: Vienna Art Orchestra at L'Inou´

20.05.2002 New gallery: Jazz à Liège 2002

14.04.2002 Spotlight on Trio Töykeät

14.04.2002 New link: photographes.fr

14.04.2002 New link: JazzReview

14.04.2002 New link: ItisPhoto

18.03.2002 First photos from the Lundis d'Hortense Festival 2002

18.03.2002 New link: Ali Baba photography site

12.03.2002 New links: Photography Sites, Photo Directory Station

12.03.2002 New gallery: Joe Cocker

03.03.2002 New links to jazz photographers: Gérard Beckers, Pascal Ducourant, Jos L. Knaepen

03.03.2002 New link: Europhoto

26.02.2002 New exhibition: Jazz at the Botanique

14.02.2002 New L'Inou´ gallery: Felix Simtaine Quartet

11.02.2002 New link: The Bebop Shop

10.02.2002 Spotlight on Brussels Jazz Orchestra

10.02.2002 Spotlight gallery replaces gallery of the month

27.01.2002 New L'Inou´ gallery: Ivan Paduart Trio

27.01.2002 New L'Inou´ gallery: Määk's Spirit

20.01.2002 Lundis d'Hortense Festival: new photos

16.01.2002 Links page completely renewed

08.01.2002 Juan Camacho Quintet: names of musicians

08.01.2002 Index of artists: internal links to avoid scrolling

08.01.2002 New gallery: Daniel Visani

07.01.2002 New exhibition: Maison de la Culture d'Arlon

02.12.2001 Photo of (not by) the author

02.12.2001 Index of artists updated

02.12.2001 New gallery: Jazz à Liège 2001

02.12.2001 New gallery: Gaume Jazz Festival 2000

14.11.2001 New gallery of the month: Maceo Parker

01.11.2001 New gallery: Juan Camacho Quintet

14.10.2001 Index of artists

08.10.2001 New gallery: Hilde Vanhove

01.10.2001 New galleries: Blues, Flamenco

30.09.2001 New galleries: Festivals, Clubs